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Accommodation and Catering

découvrez nos offres d'hébergement et de restauration pour un séjour inoubliable.

For lovers of travel and culinary discoveries, finding rare gems where to stay and eat can transform a simple excursion into an unforgettable adventure. This article presents itself as an essential compass for finding the most charming and authentic accommodation, as well as the hidden gastronomic restaurants that will thrill your taste buds. Through tips from a seasoned travel agent and recommendations from a gourmet, we’ll delve into the art of choosing places to stay that combine comfort and character, and restaurants that celebrate culinary tradition and innovation. Whether you are a tranquility-loving traveler or a gastronomic adventurer in search of unexplored flavors, this article is your key to an enriching travel experience on all levels. Embark on this exploration of the gems of hospitality and catering, so that each stopover becomes a memorable chapter in your travel diary.

Types of Accommodation for a Tailor-made Stay

Consider a trip to Georgia promises experiences as rich in emotions as in cultural discoveries. To make your stay unforgettable, it is essential to choose the type of accommodation that meets your needs and desires. Whether for an exploration of the wild panoramas of the Opal Coast, an immersion in the warm atmosphere of Cape Town, or a getaway to the preserved regions of Quebec, the selection of your accommodation will greatly contribute to the quality of your experience. But then, what precisely are these cozy nests who will open their doors to make you experience authentic Georgia?


  • Family atmosphere
  • Exchange with locals
  • Traditional recipes

Guest houses offer the undisputed advantage of being immersed in daily life and local customs. For a personalized and intimate trip, this is the perfect option. You will often discover home cooking, anecdotes from the region and perhaps make lasting friendships!


  • Sophisticated decor
  • Attentive service
  • Modern comfort

For those looking for a touch of exclusivity and refinement, boutique hotels perfectly combine the charm of intimacy with high-end services. They are the ideal address for those who want to escape from everyday life while allowing themselves to be pampered.


  • Multicultural meetings
  • Attractive prices
  • Strategic locations

The youth hostel remains the preferred choice for travelers on a limited budget or those who prefer meetings and exchanges. Staying there is an invitation to conviviality and sharing, in an often young and dynamic atmosphere.


  • Luxury and opulence
  • Personalized services
  • Spas and gourmet restaurants

For those who plan their getaway with excellence and refinement, Georgia’s luxury hotels never disappoint. They offer extraordinary experiences, tailor-made services and breathtaking settings.


  • private space
  • Equipped kitchen
  • Stay at your own pace

A perfect compromise between the independence of a personal residence and the comfort of customer service, holiday apartments present a formula suitable for those who wish to plan their stay with total freedom of movement.


  • Respect the environment
  • Nature immersion
  • Eco-responsible activities

Reconciling travel and nature protection is possible thanks to eco-accommodation, a strong trend of the year which offers the possibility of staying in harmony with welcoming ecosystems.

Georgia, with its diversity of accommodation, offers endless possibilities to tailor your travel experience to suit your tastes, whether through a tour gourmet exhilarating or through the prism of a thousand-year-old history. Whatever accommodation you choose, this generous land welcomes you with an open heart, ready to make you experience moments of pure authenticity, as close as possible to its cultural heritage and its breathtaking natural scenarios.

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