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What are Georgia’s foreign trade opportunities?

découvrez les opportunités d'exportation dans différents secteurs et marchés internationaux pour développer votre entreprise.

Key sectors of Georgian foreign trade

Georgia, located at the intersection of Europe and Asia, is a country that presents a diverse range of key sectors in its foreign trade. These areas not only constitute the pillars of the Georgian economy but also provide strategic growth and investment opportunities.

Agricultural and Agri-Food Sector

A hub for agricultural products, Georgia exports a wide variety of foodstuffs. The country is particularly known for its wine, a booming sector, which benefits from a designation of origin and an international reputation. In addition, Georgia exports nut and Mineral water, highlighting the wealth of its natural resources.

Manufacturing Industry

With a range of production from textiles to machinery, Georgia sees this sector as a key economic driver. There steel factory and the vehicle production are remarkable segments, benefiting from skilled labor and competitive production costs.

ICT Services and Technological Innovation

Georgia is establishing itself as a technological hub with significant advances in information and communication technologies (ICT). Its ability to offer services software development and of computer maintenance attracts international companies looking for outsourcing.

Mining industry

Rich in natural resources, Georgia’s exports include a notable quantity of ores such as the manganese and the copper. The mining sector remains a considerable lever for the national economy, attracting investors in extraction and processing.


The sector ofenergy, particularly hydroelectric power, occupies a prominent place in the Georgian foreign trade landscape. Georgia exports part of its electricity production to its neighboring countries, taking advantage of its terrain which is conducive to the exploitation of hydraulic resources.


Although tourism is not directly exportable, it contributes greatly to the economy through the foreign exchange it generates. With its rich history, gastronomy and picturesque landscapes, Georgia is positioning itself as an attractive destination for foreign visitors, thereby boosting the service sector.

In sum, Georgian foreign trade has a multitude of strong sectors, each offering distinct opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. Economic diversification remains at the heart of the national growth strategy, making Georgia a growing market and an increasingly influential economic player on the international stage.

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