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How are wedding customs in Georgia?

découvrez les différentes coutumes de mariage à travers le monde avec des traditions uniques et des cérémonies spéciales.

Dear lovers of wedding traditions and rites, have you ever been fascinated by the richness of wedding customs in Georgia? These ceremonies, imbued with history and symbolism, are a living mirror of the Georgian soul. From moving polyphonic songs to ritual wine exchanges, embark on a journey to the heart of ancestral traditions that celebrate the union of two beings and the power of love through a fascinating mosaic of unique practices. Let yourself be drawn into a captivating discovery of weddings in Georgia, where spirituality, conviviality and festivities from another time combine.

An overview of Georgian wedding traditions

Georgia, a country in the Caucasus at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, is full of rich and varied cultural traditions. Wedding ceremonies are particularly revealing of this heritage. In this country where hospitality and spirituality take center stage, weddings are an opportunity to celebrate and honor ancient rituals.
Wedding preparations
Before the big day, the future spouses and their families engage in meticulous preparations. This traditionally includes the following:
– Selection of marriage godparents, called “Kumari” and “Kavtang”, who have a crucial role during the ceremony.
– Choice of the “Mashkhobili”, a kind of dowry which will be brought by the bride to her new home.
– Organization of “Nishnoba”, the engagement, where the two families exchange symbolic gifts and agree to the union.
The wedding procession and family rituals
The wedding day is characterized by a colorful parade of decorated cars going from the bride’s home to the church. Upon arrival, a series of rituals awaits guests:
– The exchange of cups of wine between the bride and groom, symbolizing their union.
– The crown ceremony during the liturgy, which crowns the bride and groom as king and queen of their future home.
– The bride and groom’s walking tour of the church, representing their first trip as a married couple.
Traditional festivities
Once the vows have been exchanged and the rituals have been completed, the party can begin. It generally takes place in a large room or outdoors and includes:
– A feast of Georgian dishes, where the traditional “Supra” table is full of local delicacies.
– Toasts given by the “Tamada”, master of ceremonies, who evokes love, family and fertility.
– Traditional dances like “Perkhuli” or even the sword dance.
Symbols and superstitions
Georgian culture places great importance on symbols and superstitions during its wedding celebrations. Among them we find:
– The importance of the odd number when sharing the wedding cake, supposed to bring good luck.
– The tradition of the bride treading the threshold with honey and bread, guaranteeing abundance and sweetness in the new home.
Georgian marriages are therefore much more than just a union of two people; they represent a celebration of life, heritage and traditions that are cherished by the nation. This overview allows you to understand the cultural richness and ancestral customs that make each Georgian wedding a unique and memorable event.

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